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Sky Hog v1.2 Just Released

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The focus of this update was to improve overall gameplay. The sensitivity of the controls was addressed and more detailed instructions are provided. Twelve less difficult levels were added to the beginning.

Configurable Settings

  • Controller Sensitivity
  • Plane Rotation
  • Difficulty

Updated Instructions

  • How to control the plane
  • Tips
  • Information about settings

Updates to Gameplay

  • Level selection has been removed.
  • Game continues throughout levels
  • Increased number of levels from 20 to 32

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Sky Hog version 1.01 now available

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The latest update to Sky Hog is now available in the app store. This version added the following changes:

  • Adjusted location of coins to make them more relevant: Gathering coins was somewhat irrelevant. Veering off the path to pick up coins would not leave you enough fuel to complete many of the levels. The placement of coins now follows along a proper path.
  • Increased starting fuel level: The amount of starting fuel made the gameplay very difficult, especially after the first few levels. It is still difficult, but now you don’t have to be unnecessarily precise in order to complete each level.
  • Minor adjustments to all levels for better playability: Each level was checked for gameplay and adjusted to provide a better experience. Originally, Sky Hog was calibrated for a more challenging level of play. It may have been a little too challenging even at the lower levels.

These changes should give current and future customers a better, more enjoyable experience.

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